ID Card Wallet Card Holder W 1.7 for Android

The description of ID Card Wallet App
A Card Holder Wallet allows to store all your cards & id's safe in one place without having carrying them all with you every time. Whenever you need any of those cards, simply just open the app and scan it where needed. You can use to show your id or use your credit or debit cards to make payment. No worries of losing your wallet and lose your cards. As you can keep all your original at home.

Welcome to ID Card Holder, a revolutionary, secure digital identity & card wallet for your phone. Safely store all your identity documents such as passport, drivers license & national ID card as well as your bank, store, loyalty & membership cards directly on your phone in your Folio digital identity & card wallet and never have to carry them again!

Imagine being able to upload your passport, drivers license or national identity card to your phone and prove who you are directly from your phone? With ID Holder Wallet you can safely store any identity document directly on your phone - never have to carry your ID documents again!

Features: -
- Save all your important Cards or Id
- You can store your ID card info such as Voter ID, AADHAAR etc or Debit and Credit cards. - Click on card present in the list to copy its number to the clipboard.
- Secure your wallet of (debit cards, government ids, credit cards) with your PIN.
Voter card and pan card get easily by using this best id card app.
- You can create your own documents folder.
- No need to carry your wallet or bulk cards and id's with you anymore.
- A special feature that allow you to scan any Bar-Code or QR Code Instantly.
- You can set security code to secure your documents in your phone.

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